How to get "Daidze"

If you would like to simply download and use DAIDZE POS choose one of the options at the bottom of the page. If you're a developer and want to look deeper, we are using "Google Code" and "SourceForge" subversion systems for our project's hosting. You can get an installer for your operating system or you can get the complete source code from our SVNs. Our primary repository is "Google Code", thus if you want the latest version, we suggest you to look there first.

About Subversion:

SVN (Subversion) is a tool used by many software developers to manage changes within their source code tree. SVN provides the means to store not only the current version of a piece of a source code, but also a record of all changes (and who made those changes) that have occurred to a source code.

Use of SVN is particularly common in projects with multiple developers, because SVN ensures that changes made by one developer are not accidentally removed when another one submits their changes to the source tree.

Download source code from SVN:

In order to access a Subversion repository, you must install a special piece of software called a Subversion client. Subversion clients are available for most operating systems.

Non-members may check out a read-only working copy, anonymously, over HTTP from Google Code:

" svn checkout daidze "

Or from SourceForge:

" svn co daidze "

This will create a "Daidze" folder with all the necessary files. Depending on your TCL/Tk installation you will need to execute main.tcl file, by simply double clicking on it, or run it from command line "tclsh ./main.tcl"

Download source code or installer from site:

Windows installer has everything you need included in it, simple download and execute it to start using our software. Don't forget to read our guides to help you with initial configurations.

Download "Daidze": Other Platforms and Versions

Version OS Type Notes
Daidze 0.0.95 / Tcl/Tk 8.3.3 Windows (x86) Download installer (EXE) Default username: m . Default password is empty
Tcl/Tk 8.3.6 Windows (x86_64) Download installer (EXE)
Tcl/Tk 8.6.5 Windows (x86) Download installer (EXE)